Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and Causes

Erectile dysfunction may be called as male impotence is that sexual dysfunction where a man has the inability to get the erection to have a satisfactory sexual performance. It can be defined as the ability to develop to maintain an erection for satisfactory sexual activity. This is very common for every man. With the growing age, man finds this difficulty. It can be temporary and also it can be never, So let’s find the symptoms how you will know you have this disorder or not.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and Causes

Many people don’t understand the symptoms because of which they are not able to get correct treatment incorrect time. To understand the disorder the primary symptoms is to not get an erection while having sex on a regular basis. Sometimes it is happened because of relationship, stress or tension. Then it is normal but if the problem happens again and again that a person must contact a doctor and get the correct advice.

If a person ignores such kind of disorder then it may affect their relationship. As a man, they have the responsibility to feed their family along with that they had to maintain their relationship by giving their partner a sexual satisfaction. ED is one of the reason because of which relationship failed. Because of impotence many a man just lowered the confidence and avoid to having the intercourse in their life.

The other symptoms of impotence are trouble in getting an erection, trouble in keeping the erection for a long time, reduced sexual desire, inability to control the ejaculation. These symptoms can be temporary due to many a reason but if it was seen again and again than it is the high time to get advice from a doctor without feeling shy or embarrassed. This may not be natural but yes it can happen to anybody anytime. So, without avoiding the problem consult a doctor because it just not only affects the sexual desire and satisfaction but it may affect the daily life and health problem may also increase in a person.

Apart from the above symptoms, the common dysfunction symptoms are not obtaining an erection, loss of erection or partial erection of the penis. The penis is not capable of retaining the blood in its chamber and so there will be no fuller and firmer penis.

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