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When a person is sexually aroused, his brains send messages to his nerves in the form stimulus. This stimulus then causes the release of a chemical substance called neurotransmitters that travel down to the nerves of men’s penis. These transmitters further help in the release of another chemical substance known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which widens the arteries of the penis and leads the penis to erect. This happens because the widening of arteries allows more blood to flow through, resulting in swelling of the penis. This entire phenomenon is known as erection.

Erectile dysfunction is a phenomenon wherein men are unable to maintain the desired erection during sexual activity. The penis is not hard enough and thick for a proper sex. Also known as impotence, it may have major impacts on relationships which can adversely affect the psychological health of men.

We even have movies made about erectile dysfunctions which help in spreading knowledge across the major chunks of people who are unaware of and not very familiar with the causes, symptoms, medicines of this dysfunction. Knowledge is important. Vigrx Plus is a most popular Male Enhancement Supplement available in India

Erectile dysfunction is common. In some cases, the problem persists from the very beginning. In other cases, it happens in particular events where if a man is tired, exhausted, distracted or stressed, it affects his ability to erect while having sex.

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This is very common among the age group of 40 to 70. More than half men in this age group suffer from this dysfunction.

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There are varied causes of this dysfunction. Psychology, blood flow and circulation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological problems, hormonal issues and some other organic causes.

Talking about psychological failure, the erection does not develop because there is no strong feeling for your partner. This is not the case of physical impossibility. If there are no feelings, an erection does not develop. Blood flow and circulation is another cause of this dysfunction. For a strong, hard and long-lasting erection, a good and proper blood circulation is very important.

Erectile dysfunction, just like other dysfunctions, can be treated. The most common treatment for ED is taking tablets and pills before starting a sexual activity. These pills help in increasing blood circulation in your penis. However, these tablets won’t work unless and until you are sexually aroused and you want to have sex. Before taking any such tablets, make sure to consult a doctor and get a check-up whether you have any other disease or whether you are prone to any sort of allergies because these pills won’t do their work if you have such issues.

You also have the options of creams and oils that are available in the market which you can use in order to help you with erection problems that you face. You need to apply the cream to your penis 20 to 30 minutes before the sexual activity.

You might work on your heart diseases in order to bring down the dysfunction issues as cardiovascular disease is one of the reasons behind this. Taking health tips and working with them also helps.

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